Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan , Are you looking for Prices of Ceiling fans? Yes, you are at right place. Ceiling fans have become an important part of our life. We cannot sleep comfortably without them in summer. Ceiling fans are air-providing devices that are very cost-effective as compared the air conditioners. Pakistan is such a country where summers are very harsh and hot that is difficult to spend without these useful devices. These devices are the top priority for every household. We need ceiling fans to keep ourselves cool in the scorching heat of the summer. So, if you are planning to buy a new fan for your home or office and do not know the rates, we will help you. Here is the detail of the latest prices of ceiling fans and all other types of fans that are most commonly used in Pakistan.

Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan

Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan Today

Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan is different for fans and companies because each fan and company has its own quality. As the name shows ceiling fans are attached to the ceiling or the roofs of the hoses. Normally, they have three blades or maybe four or five in some cases. Many other different varieties come into the market with much more beautiful designs and experiences. There are other types of fans like wall-mounted fans, pedestal fans, and exhaust fans also. But ceiling fans are the best type of fans most common in the whole country. They are installed in almost every home in the country. Like all other commodities in Pakistan, the price of ceiling fans is also not constant. There always exist some fluctuations due to various internal and external factors. But still, we have to make a proper table of the prices of ceiling fans of different companies. Have a look at it.

Ceiling Fan ModelPrice in PKR
New Asia Ceiling Fan6000
Ornate Fan 564600
Sufi Fan 567500
GFC Raavi Fan8650
GFC proud fan10,870
Voldum false ceiling fan8300
GFC Myga Bracket Fan11,965

Pak Fan Price in Pakistan

The latest and updated list of Pak fans is given in the table.

Model of the FanPrice in PKR
Aspire Fans 10,090
Pak Dulexe DC9,695
Decora Dulexe9,795
Floral Class Light11,345

Ceiling Fan-Providing Companies in Pakistan

As you need to know all about the fans so here is the list of the top most famous ceiling fan-providing companies in Pakistan.

  • GFC fans
  • PAK fans
  • Royal fans
  • Super Asia fans
  • Metro fans
  • Alpha fans
  • Millat fans
  • Yunas fans
  • Sufi fans

Factors Affecting the Ceiling Fan Prices

Here are some important and major factors that affect the prices of ceiling fans. The prices of ceiling fans always continue to fluctuate due to these factors only.

  • Cost of production
  • Market demand and supply
  • Government Regulations and Policies
  • Inflation rate
  • Exchange rate
  • Cost of imported goods
  • Consumer affordability and purchasing power
  • Business and industry impacts


This is all about the prices of ceiling fans. Ceiling fans have much more benefits for human beings. Most importantly during summer, these are the most necessary things which we require. They give us natural coolness which does not have any harm. But, the air conditioner gives us cold air which certainly causes numerous diseases. It’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences before deciding if the ceiling fan is the right cooling solution for your home or not.

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