Chicken Rate today in Pakistan

Chicken rate today in Pakistan has always been a topic of consumer interest. Chicken is the most consumed meat in Pakistan. It plays a significant role in the country’s food culture. The demand for chicken has increased significantly over the years due to its numerous health benefits. Chicken is widely used all over the country. It is such a commodity whose price fluctuates due to various factors. The price of chicken has increased in recent years due to the increase in production cost. Its price varies in different regions and markets of Pakistan. Here are given chicken rates per kg in different forms.

Chicken Rate today

Chicken Rate today

Chicken Rates in Pakistan may vary in different cities of Pakistan but these variations are minor. There may exist small differences in price from one city to another. This is due to the public and market interests in different regions. Keeping up with the latest rates is essential for consumers who want to make informed purchasing decisions. The following table shows the price of chicken per kilogram in PKR.

Chicken TypeChicken Rate per KG
Alive Chicken Rs.355
Chicken wholesale rateRs.450
Retail Market RateRs.570
Boneless Chicken Rs.1150
Chicken KalejiRs.700

Different Poultry Items Rates

The world of poultry is vast and diverse offering a range of different products according to the people’s taste and preferences. From the ever-popular chicken to the chicken wings and breast, each poultry item has its pricing dynamics. There are several other poultry items. They are also very in the market. These are often a part of chicken. So, let’s discuss the rates of other poultry items, lightening up their costs and market trends.

Poultry ItemPrice per KG in Rupees
Chicken MinceRs.700
Chicken DrumsticksRs.470
Chicken breast bonelessRs.750
Chicken Leg with skinRs.335
Chicken wings Rs.260
Desi Chicken meatRs.1150

Importance of Chicken

Chicken is a special food item in Pakistani cultural dishes and foods. It is especially loved on Sundays and at family functions and gatherings i.e. marriages. Realizing the importance of this protein-rich food, it is mostly used to gain weight. Non-vegetarians love it and they consume chicken more than vegetarians. Nowadays, the people living in the villages eat less chicken. As they mainly consume more vegetables.

Benefits of Broiler Chicken

Any chicken bread that is raised particularly for meat production is called Brioler. They have mainly yellowish skin and white feathers. Briolers are 7-8 weeks of age. Furthermore, they are bred for optimal health and size to meet the consumer demands of meat in the market. Meat chickens or broilers are typically larger breeds with more muscle content. We use broilers to meet our protein needs. Generally, they weigh about 5 pounds. Another important benefit of broilers is that the female broilers also lay eggs. Their average life span is 35 to 49 days of age.

Factors Affecting Chicken Prices

Several factors differ in the rate of chicken in Pakistan. Understanding the diverse factors that contribute to the fluctuating rates of chicken across Pakistan involves considering:

  • Feed prices and raw materials
  • Processing and packaging costs
  • Transportation and Distribution
  • Supply and Demand Dynamics
  • Economic Factors and Inflation
  • Market Trends and consumer’s Interests

Seasonal Fluctuations in Chicken Prices

One of the most significant factors that affect chicken prices all over the country is the change in seasons. Chicken prices are not static, they undergo fluctuations in different seasons throughout. Prices go higher mostly during the winter season. Colder weather conditions are the main reason for this decline. Conversely, chicken prices go higher in the summer season.


As we sum up the whole discussion of chicken rates in Pakistan, it is evident that this simple commodity is a complex interplay of economic forces. Inflation is another important aspect affecting the chicken rate. Moreover, regional disparities in pricing, and factors such as supply, demand, and processing remind us of the intricacies underlying our daily lives. While the rates may continue to fluctuate, it is the responsibility of consumers and the availability of the poultry industry that will ensure a steady supply of chicken.

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