Silver Rate In Pakistan – 52 Tola Chandi Price Today Updated

Silver Rate In Pakistan, the second most important jewelry in the nation, is the focus of this article. Many different types of ornaments made up of silver are currently available in the market. Mostly all of these are used by women. They use them to enhance their looks as the necklace, gambles, earrings, and rings made up of chandi give us a very shiny look. The most important concern for anybody looking to purchase silver is for investment or female wear. Silver price is most important because it affects the economy in different ways. The import and export of silver affect the economy directly. The top silver trading companies make sensible choices about their trade and investments by closely watching the silver rates.

Silver Rate In Pakistan

Silver Rate In Pakistan
Weight of Silver in Different UnitsPrice In PAK Rupees
One GramRs.214
Ten GramsRs.2143
One TolaRs.2550
One OunceRs.6667
One KilogramRs.214,335
The silver rate remains the same approximately all over Pakistan. But you may notice the slight differences of a few hundred rupees across different cities.

For thousands of years, silver has served an important role in Pakistani history like presents made up of silver and decorations on our different occasions. The importance of silver changed with time and everyone considers it an effective investment choice just like gold. Like many other things, the prices of silver are also affected by both national and foreign impacts. So, this article will guide you about the silver rate in Pakistan. For your easiness, I am providing you with some additional information about silver like the history of silver and some important factors that affect its price. This will help you a lot and prove very beneficial to help you know better about the silver rate in Pakistan.

Silver Rate according to the Karat

Just like gold, silver is also available in different karat forms. 24 Karat silver is the most expensive one as compared to the others. 24 karat is the purest form of silver because it contains approximately all the silver with no other metals mixed. Therefore, 24 karat has the highest price. in addition, some other types like 22 karat, 21 karat, and 18 karat silver are also available in the market. But they have other metals mixed in them. They are not pure. Let’s make a table for a better understanding of the silver rates in karats.

Silver TypePrice per Gram Price per 10 GramsPrice per TolaPrice per Troy OuncePrice per Kilogram
24 KRs.214Rs.2143Rs.2500Rs.6667Rs.214,335
22 KRs.196Rs.1960Rs.2286Rs.6095Rs.195,959
21 KRs.187Rs.1868Rs.2178Rs.5809Rs.186,771
18 KRs.159Rs.1592Rs.1857Rs.4952Rs.159,207

52.5 Tola Silver Rate in Pakistan

Pakistan has many silver manufacturing industries. In comparison with others, silver has also ranked itself in the list of expensive metals. People own it as a good option for investment. Moreover, many goods have a portion of silver either greater or less. The 52.5 tola silver price in various cities of Pakistan is Rs.131,250/-This may change in the different cities of Pakistan but the variation is very small even in Pakistani rupees or hundreds only.

History Of Silver

Silver is present as a major constituent of jewelry items, coins, and many other products. Silver has existed for the same amount of precious metal as gold. It was also a currency for many different civilizations in ancient times. At first, silver is mostly used to make elaborate jewelry, complex objects, and religious tributes. Furthermore, we cannot neglect its importance in the modern era as well. we can say that silver is the most important metal for Paksiatan

Spot price of Silver In Pakistan

The spot price is the current price in the marketplace at which a given asset such as a commodity or currency can be bought or sold for immediate delivery. It is the price at which the settlement of a contract involving a specific number of slots or units can be executed in the marketplace. The term spot refers to the delivery of the commodity within two working days. Spot prices of silver in Pakistan are calculated based on the supply and demand rule. There is no mathematical formula to calculate the silver price as it may vary day by day. commodities are traded in the global market every 24 hours. Silver prices fluctuate throughout the day because traders are trading long and short investments every time.

Factors Influencing the Silver Rate in Pakistan

The major elements that cause the fluctuation of silver rates in Pakistan are economic stability, political conditions, and changes in the value of the US Dollar, as silver is traded internationally in dollars. We will take a look at some of the important factors one by one to find their impact on the present rate of silver in Pakistan.

Economic Conditions

When consumers move forward to invest in silver during the crisis at a larger scale, silver becomes costly. The economic instability greatly increases the silver rates at the industry level.

Global Supply and Demand

It is a universal formula that if there is a shortage of something in an area and a strong demand, then the price of that thing goes higher. When the supply becomes equal to the demand and demand is higher, the price is lower. Hence, the push and pull of supply and demand mainly influence the silver rate in Pakistan.

Geopolitical factors and Inflation

Political interest and instability in those countries of the world that produce or manufacture more silver may have major effects on the silver price. Inflation is also a main component that affects the silver price.

Currency Fluctuations

The local price of silver in the Pakistani market can have a major effect on Pakistani rupee value relative to the value of the US dollar in the international market. When the value of the Pakistani rupee as compared to the US dollar becomes low, the price of silver goes higher and higher.

Interest Rates and Government Policies

Shifts in the interest rates of the silver-providing companies and the monetary policies have an indirect impact on the price of silver. Import/export laws, Levies, and tariffs are some of the ways through which the government may influence the cost and supply of silver.

Industrial Demand

Sometimes industries need more silver to make their products. Consequently, they consume the major portion of silver in the country. As a result, the consumers face a shortage of silver in the marketplace. Therefore, the cost of silver will become high.

Investor Sentiments

The trend of buyers and their concerns also influence the price of silver. The price of silver will increase if buyers think that it is a good investment and purchase it more. The more the increase in the purchasing of silver, the more higher the price of silver will go.


The price of silver is continuously varying in Pakistan due to some of the numerous factors described above. The disruption and alteration in the mine production also has an impact on the silver price. In addition, the majority of people purchase it as an investment while some people deal in silver as their business. It always proves to be the best option for business purposes. In short, we can say that silver is one of the most expensive and precious metals in our country. There may be numerous variations in the prices of silver during the recent days. But these variations are continuous. We may expect a bright and good future for silver in the upcoming days.


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