Royal Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 AC/DC Ceiling & Bracket Fan

Royal Fan

Royal Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 is from Rs.1,700 to Rs.12,000. The reason for the massive difference in prices is due to different factors. Like the exhaust fans are lesser in price due to their build quality and size. But Ceiling and Pedestal fans are also available in the market which is worth more than Rs.10,000.

You can get Royal Fans in almost every city in Pakistan and also in big cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad.

A little history about Pak Fan is that they are building fans, washing machines, and room coolers for 60 years. They are very popular due to their energy efficient and best quality products. In Fan Products, they provide multiple designs and quality options to their valued customers. In Fan Category, they build multiple types of fans which are given below:

  • Mist Fans
  • Table Fans
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Pedestal Fans
  • False Ceiling Fans
  • AC/DC Solar Fans
  • Remote Control Fans
Royal Fan Price in Pakistan

Royal Fan AC/DC Price in Pakistan 2024

AC/DC Fans are also known as Solar Fans. These fans run on both Alternating and Direct Current. If you want to use a Fan on Solar Power or on a DC Battery then you should buy AC/DC Fan. The royal AC/DC fan price ranges from Rs.6,700 to Rs.7,200.

Royal Smart Expo Economy AC/DCRs.6,695
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC – GRACERs.7,195
Royal Smart Regency AC/DC – CrystalRs.7,195
Royal Smart Passion AC/DC – FLORARs.7,195
Royal Smart Crescent AC/DCRs.7,195

Royal Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Royal Fan has a huge variety of Ceiling Fans. All of their fans are made of 100% Cooper. Royal Fan Price in Pakistan for the Ceiling fans starts from Rs.6,000 and goes up to Rs.12,000. The Ceiling fans are available in 48Inches and 56Inches. They have fans with the basic design as well as Modern design.

Royal Hi-StandardRs.5,995
Royal Passion – FLORARs.6,665
Royal OpalRs.6,795
Royal PlatinumRs.6.765
Royal Deluxe Rs.6,795
Royal Optima Hi-SpeedRs.6,795
Royal Water Proof – EMPERORRs.6,895
Royal Regency – CRYSTALRs.6,915
Royal Passion – GRACERs.6,995
Passion – CUSHIONRs.6,995
Royal Crescent Hi-SpeedRs.6,995
Royal 3 Star EnerconRs.6,995
Royal Deluxe RegentRs.7,065
Royal RegalRs.7,095
Royal Energy SaverRs.7,195
Royal NobleRs.7,195
Royal Deluxe ImperialRs.7,195
Royal Deluxe Jem TrinityRs.7,195
Royal Deluxe Jem WavesRs.7,195
Royal Galant – CHARMRs.7,195
Royal GalantRs.7,195
Royal Deluxe Imperial – 4 BladeRs.7,395
Royal ValorRs.7,695
Royal Lifestyle – RevolveRs.8,195
Royal Lifestyle OrnamentRs.11,095

Royal Exhaust Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Exhaust fans are very useful because these fans give us fresh air. If your room or kitchen is closed then an exhaust fan is mandatory there. Royal Fan has Plastic as well as Metal Exhausts. The price range for these fans is from Rs.1,800 to Rs.8,500.

Royal Exhaust Window RoundRs.1,795
Royal Ceiling Exhaust Fan with GrillRs.2,895
Royal Ceiling Exhaust Fan PanelRs.2,945
Royal Metal Exhaust FanRs.3,345
Royal Exhaust Plastic Fan (2-Way)Rs.3,345
Royal Exhaust Metal High SpeedRs.8,495

Royal Table Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

The price for the Royal Table Fan is from Rs.4,500 to Rs.7,200. Royal fans have only a few models in the Table Fan Category. Generally, Table Fans are used for a single person.

Royal Petite Table FanRs.4,495
Royal Glamour TCP FanRs.6,895
Royal Unique Pedestal Stand Rs.7,195

Royal Pedestal Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

RoyalFans also manufactures Pedestal Fans. The price for these fans ranges from Rs.6,200 to Rs.10,100. They have plastic as well as Metal Pedestal Fan.

Royal Louver Rs.6,195
Royal Glamour TCP FanRs.6,895
Royal Unique Pedestal Stand FanRs.7,195
Royal Magnum Black Pedestal FanRs.7,195
Royal Deluxe Pedestal FanRs.10,095

Royal Bracket Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Royal Bracket Fan Price ranges from Rs.4,500 to Rs.6,800. The brackets fans are used where Ceiling fans can not be installed. Like if the roof of your space is at a low height or you have a large space then you should consider buying Bracket Fans.

Royal Petite Bracket FanRs.4,495
Royal Louver Bracket FanRs.5,295
Royal Elegant Bracket FanRs.5,895
Royal Deluxe Circo FanRs.5,995
Royal Magnum Bracket FanRs.6,795


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