PAK Fan Price in Pakistan 2024 AC/DC Pedestal Exhaust Bracket Fan


Pak Fan Price in Pakistan 2023 is different for each fan. There are several Categories of fans: Ceiling Fans, Exhaust Fans, Bracket Fans, Table Fans, Pedestal fans, Mist fans, and AC/DC Solar Fans. All of these types of fans are used for different purposes. Here, we will discuss fans of all kinds.

PAK Fan Price in Pakistan 2024

Do you want to know the latest prices for Pak Fans? You have landed at the right place. Pak Fan is a Pakistan Manufacturer Company, which manufactures Fans of all kinds, including Washing machines, Geysers, and Air coolers. This Fan Manufacturer is very famous in Pakistan for their fans.

Pak Fan Price in Pakistan

PAK Fan Ceiling Fans

Pak Fan Ceiling Fans are divided into two Series. Those are the Classic Fan Series and Executive Fan Series. The Classic series has simple design fans and the fans in this series are cheaper than Executive Series Fans. The Executive Series has more premium design fans.

PAK Fan Price in Pakistan for Ceiling Fans Starts from Rs.5,500 to Rs.12,000. Pak Fan has huge fan options to select your ceiling fan. Each Fan is available in sizes 36 inches, 48 inches, and 56 inches. You have to choose the size according to your room space. All the Ceiling Fan models are given below with their prices.

Deluxe Rs.5,525
Classic SuperRs.5,895
Golden EyeRs.6,095
Galaxy GoldRs.6,095
VIP DecorationRs.6,695
Super DeluxeRs.6,695
Floral Class LightRs.8,695
Elegance PlusRs.12,095

PAK Fan Pedestal Fan

Pak Fan Pedestal fans are available in different options. There are simple Pedestal Fan, Remote Control Pedestal Fan, and Mist Fans. Pak Fan Pedestal fans start from Rs.7,000 and go up to 17,295

Pedestal StandardRs.6,995
NTCP RemoteRs.7,645
Pedestal IndustrialRs.9,695
Pedestal MistRs.17,295

PAK Fan Table Fan

Table Fan Band SwitchRs.4,245
Meeran ModelRs.6,795

PAK Fan Bracket Fan

Super King Rs.4,095
Circo Standard Rs.5.895
Mega BracketRs.6,395
Super King VIPRs.6,695

PAK Fan AC/DC Price in Pakistan 2024

Crystal AC/DCRs.6,695
Deluxe AC/DCRs.6,995
Pedestal AC/DC InverterRs.6,995
Floral AC/DCRs.7,195
Diamond AC/DCRs.7,495
Pride AC/DCRs.7,545
Aspire AC/DCRs.7,845
Antique AC/DCRs.8,495

PAK Fan Exhaust Fan

Windows ExhaustRs.1,995
Exhaust False CeilingRs.2,825
Exhaust False Ceiling NewRs.2,995
Exhaust Metal SquareRs.3,220
Exhaust Single ActionRs.3,595
Exhaust Metal BlackRs.3,645
Exhaust Double ActionRs.3,645
Exhaust Metal RoundRs.3,645


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