Bricks Rate In Pakistan

Bricks Rate in Pakistan depends on the quality of bricks. Bricks are the most important building blocks of the structural framework of any house or building. They are very useful construction elements for the buildings. The use of bricks is necessary to build any building. They are also called Ent in the local language. As far as the economic conditions of Pakistan are concerned, the price of bricks does not remain constant across the country. The price can vary from one city to another city. Like other developing countries, Pakistan also has a major role of bricks in the industrial state. Here we will discuss the latest prices of bricks in Pakistan. Just have a look at it.

bricks rate in pakistan

Bricks Price in Pakistan

The price of bricks can surely fluctuate all over Pakistan due to various factors. These include the labor costs, seasonal variations, and expenses associated with the raw materials. The notable thing is that the bricks are available in three different forms. A-grade bricks, B-grade bricks, and C-grade bricks. These are three different categories of bricks based on quality. The price of all these kinds differs according to their status and purity. Grade A bricks are the standard and more expensive bricks than all others. We are providing you with the latest prices of bricks in Pakistan below.

  • Grade A Bricks price = Rs.14 PKR per piece
  • Grade B Bricks price = Rs.12.5 PKR per piece
  • Grade C Bricks price = Rs.11 PKR per piece
Bricks QuantityA Grade (Awal) B Grade (Doem) C Grade
Single BrickRs.15Rs.14Rs.11
1000 BricksRs.15,000Rs.14,000Rs.11,000
3000 Bricks TrollyRs.45,000Rs.42,000Rs.36,000

Bricks Rate in Pakistan

We will go through the rates of bricks in different other cities of Pakistan also. There are some variations from one city to another but these variations are small. Let’s take a brief overview of it.

The price of 1 Brick in PKRThe price of 1 Brick in PKR
Rahim Yar KhanRs.13
Dera Ghazi KhanRs.14

Kinds Of Bricks

Various types of bricks are available in the market for making different designs of buildings and houses. Some are in the shape of big blocks and some are small. There are five kinds of bricks available in the market on the basis of their material and quality. The major types are

  • Concrete Bricks
  • Fly Ash Clay Bricks
  • Engineering Bricks
  • Sand Lime Bricks
  • Burnt Clay Bricks (Red Bricks)

Belonging to the Grade A category, Fly Ash Bricks have a price of 14 to 15 PKR in Pakistan. Likewise, the Burnt Clay Brick also called the Red Bricks also has a price of about 14 PKR. It is important to note that a minimum quantity of 500 units can be ordered which covers the space of a cart. There are two categories per carriage exist, one is 1000 and the other is 3000 units per tractor-trolly. In different regions of Pakistan, the price of bricks is higher due to the transportation cost and distance from the factory.

Famous Brick Brands in Pakistan

There are numerous brick manufacturing companies that have been making good quality bricks for many years in Pakistan. Although there are many other local manufacturers who produce a large number of bricks as well. But following are the top companies names you can consider them on the top of the list.

  • Keystone Pvt ltd
  • E-Trade Pakistan
  • Zawan Bricks
  • AB Thekedar and Constructions
  • Reckon Concretes Pvt ltd

Standard Brick Size In Pakistan

The original size of bricks being produced locally in Pakistan is the same everywhere. Therefore, this size is the standard size for the manufacturing of bricks in Pakistan. Its dimensions are:

  • Length: 9 inches
  • Width: 4 inches
  • Height: 3 inches

Rather, the other forms of bricks like tassu and brick tile have little different sizes. The height of tassu is less and the width is the same. Brick tile is also thin in height but larger in width as compared to a common brick.

Bricks Manufacturing Process

The production of bricks is a time-consuming and high-energy process. It requires some days or even one week to produce them. So their production involves the following important steps.

  • Step 1: Thick mud is first collected in a large container and then put into the shapers and brackets.
  • Step 2: After the clay is put out of the shapers, it is left for hours or even a day to take the shape of the shapers.
  • Step 3: The designed clay is then removed from the shapers and placed in the open environment in the sun for 2 to 3 days for complete dryness.
  • Step 4: After this process, they are ready to face the large-sized outdoor ovens having large amounts of coal burning at extremely high temperatures.
  • Step 5: Non-heated bricks are then transferred into the large trays with metal surfaces and now they are ready to be baked.
  • Step 6: After they are completely baked into red color, they are again exposed out in the open environment to release their heat of emission. After that, they are ready for selling.


The prices of bricks in Pakistan are changeable entities that vary from one market to another. In addition, it depends on various factors which affect their prices. The prices of bricks can also change according to the economic conditions of our country. we must keep in mind the ever-growing population and inflation which have affected everything in the country. We hope to have better and better quality brick production in the future as well.

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