MF 385 Price in Pakistan Today 2024

MF 385 Price in Pakistan is higher as this tractor is more powerful. It is considered top notch machinery for heavy tasks. Massey Ferguson tractors are the most efficient and expensive brand in the field of agriculture. Besides this, the MF 385 tractors are the market leader among all types of tractors. Additionally, they provide a wide range of agricultural machinery designed to meet the different requirements of the fields. Particularly, the name of this tractor stands out Massey Ferguson 385. It is an adaptable model capable of handling all the challenges of the field. In order to buy the best tractor for your fields, there is no other option except Massey Ferguson 385 is the option for you. At this time, we will provide you with the latest prices of Massey Ferguson 385 tractors.

MF 385 Price in Pakistan

MF 385 Price in Pakistan

Undoubtedly, MF 385 is the best choice for the farmers of today because working in the fieldls is quite a tough task. But, MF 385 is powerful enough that compete with the challenging tasks of the fields. Here is the exact price of the list of Massey Ferguson 385 tractors which are not currently available in Pakistan.

Model of the TractorPrice in PKR
MF 385 2-WD 85-HP3,465,000
MF 385 4-WD 85-HP4,585,000
MF 375 2-WD 75-HP3,345,000
MF 260 2-WD 60-HP2,690,000
MF 240 2-WD 50-HP2,190,000

Specifications of MF 385

Lets make a proper table to show a list of the specifications in the MF 385 4-WD tractors.

Horsepower85 HP
Fuel Tank 108 Liters
Max PTO power70 hp
Wheelbase2350 mm
Engine typeDiesel/4.41
Number of Cylinders4
Fuel TypeDiesel
Max Lift Capacity2145 KG
Clutch Dual, 2 inches
Cooling system15.2 Liters
Gears8 forward, 2 reverse
SpeedUpto 31 KM/h
TiresSpliding Spur

MF 385 Price in Pakistan Faactors affecting

The price of MF 4-WD 385 does not remain constant. It continuously changes and these variations may be due to som factors which influence the rates of these tractors in Pakistan. Some of them are listed here:

  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Demand and Supply
  • Import duties and Taxes
  • Dealer Margins
  • Government Interests


It is fact that agriculture is the pillar of our country as the most of economy depends on it. And the tractors are the only machinery with we cultivate our crops. Among all, the MF 385 4-WD is the best choice for us to use because of its special features, superior performance and long lasting effects.

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