Tractor Price in Pakistan

Tractor Price in Pakistan entirely depends on the company, model, and horsepower of the tractor. The most popular tractors include Massey and Al Ghazi. Pakistan is an agricultural country and this field is the backbone of economy of the country. The large fertile land in Pakistan demands numerous tractors for cultivation and irrigation. To assist the process of cultivation of crops, tractors are the best machinery of this modern era. Also, this new advancement in the field of agriculture is very beneficial for farmers. With the help of tractors, the work of a number of days is completed in only one day.

Different types of tractors are suitable for variable types of land. To select the best tractor for your area, it is important to consider the opinion of experts. In this article, we will provide you the best and latest information about the tractor prices and their specifications. Additionally, to avail all such useful information, we will recommend you to read this article completely.

tractor price in pakistan

Types of Tractors

Many tractor companies are operating in Pakistan. There are many other international brands also. The price of tractor is always determined by the company and the brand of that tractor. Since the start of 2023, Pakistani rupee is getting devalued. So the tractor prices are touching all time high records. Most of the tractors generally have a price ranging between 2 million to 5 million depending on the company, model and the horsepower of the tractor. The types of tractors which are on the top in the market of Pakistan are:

  • Massey Ferguson (MF) Millat Tractors
  • New Holland – Al Ghazi Tractors
  • Belarus Russian (Roosi) Tractors
  • IMT- Bull Power Tractors
  • Euro Ford Tractors

Massey Ferguson- Millat Tractors Price

MF is a well known American based market leader tractor company in Pakistan. This brand is most popular in the whole country. Millat has above 50% share of the total tractor sales overall Pakistan. Furthermore, these tractors are supposed to be ideal for smooth cultivation in the plain areas of our fields. One of the models of Millat, MF-385 HP 385 is the most selling brand all over the Pakistan. This model is considered ideal for large scale agricultural tasks. Not only but also, reviews from the people gives us an indication that these are the most common tractors. The details of the updated prices of the latest models of MF are:

Model of the TractorHorse-powerNew Price in PKR
MF 240 2WD502,190,000
MF 260 2WD602,550,000
MF 360 2WD602,690,000
MF 360 4WD603,795,000
MF 375 2WD853,345,000
MF 375 4WD854,500,000
MF 385 2WD854,585,000
MF 385 4WD854,282,000

New Holland Al-Ghazi Tractors Price

Al Ghazi Tractors Limited (AGTL) is a Pakistani company that produces a range of agricultural machinery like tractors, harvesters etc. Undoubtedly, this company manufactures and sales new Holland tractor models in Pakistan named Al Ghazi brand. In addition to this, Ghazi brand is well known for its reliability, durability and affordability. After Millat, AGTL is the highest tractor selling company in Pakistan. The price of Al Ghazi tractors is subject to variation depending on the power output of the engine. Tractors with high horsepower engines are generally costly than those with lower horsepower engines. The details of updated prices of latest models of Ghazi brand are:

Model of the TractorHorse-powerNew Price in PKR
NH-480 model552,194,000
NH-480 Ghazi tractor652,550,000
NH-480 (power plus)552,278,000
NH-640 Al Ghazi753,325,000
NH- 70-56 4WD854,575,000
NH Dabung853,430,000

Belarus Russian Tractors

Belarus tractors are the most powerful tractors. They are mainly used to perform heavy duty tasks. They are very advanced and therefore, they are very expensive. Prices of Belarus have gone up due to the Pakistani rupee devaluation. Actually, they are also the “Roosi Tractors”. After Millat and Ghazi, Belarus still holds the third position in tractor sales in Pakistan. Besides this, Belarus tractors are high-performance tractors best for difficult agricultural jobs. Secondly, their engines are powerful enough to perform heavy tasks. The updated prices of the latest models of Belarus tractors are:

Model of the TractorHorse-powerNew Price in PKR
Belarus 510 simple754,900,000
Belarus Draft Control704,900,000
Belarus Air Compressor904,950,000
Belarus 80.1 A/C cabin855,700,000
800 simple tractor805,300,000
800 special model955,600,000
512 4WD model855,500,000
820 simple model755,700,000

IMT Bull Power Tractors Price

Orient Group of Pakistan manufactures the Bull Power Tractors. Their previous name is IMT tractors. These types of tractors are very common in Pakistan. Their prices are also not much high. They are cheap as compared to other brands . So easy to buy for lower farmers. They normally have a price from 15 to 20 Lacs only. The details of updated prices of the latest models of IMT bull power tractors are:

Model of the TractorHorse-powerNew Price in PKR
IMT Bull Power 549501,905,000
IMT bull Power 549-S501,905,000
IMT Bull Power 565602,235,000
IMT Bull Power 565-S602,235,000
IMT Bull Power 577762,860,000
IMT Bull Power 585852,910,000

Euro Ford Tractors Price

Euro Ford Tractors are latest cheap tractors available in Pakistan. Particularly, they are very cheap that even a very small farmer can buy it for cultivation of crops at a lower level. Also, here is the list of some modes of the euro ford tractors and their pricing details.

Model of the tractorHorse-powerPrice in PKR
Ford 3850 model tractor501,090,000
Ford 4560 model tractor601,190,000
Ford 5880 model tractor801,156,000

Top Most Tractor Companies in Pakistan

There are multiple number of tractor manufacturing companies in Pakistan. The most famous ones are:

  • Millat Tractors Limited
  • Al Ghazi Tractors Limited
  • Belarus Tractors
  • Orient Tractors
  • IMT Bull power tractors
  • Euro Ford Tractors
  • Massey Ferguson Tractors

Future Outlook of Tractors in Pakistan

Currency exchange rates, global supply and demand, import and export taxes continuously affect the price of tractors. These changes are very common due to the variation in value of the dollar. Apart from this, when Pakistani rupee goes up in the International market, then prices of these large machineries become stable in our country. Otherwise, they continue to fluctuate. We hope to have reasonable prices of tractors in the future and our economy will become better in return.

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