Aluminium Windows Price in Pakistan

Aluminum windows prices normally do not go up and down as they are quite stable as compared to the other building materials in Pakistan. They are more durable than other metal window frames because of the special aluminum feature which is non-stainless. These windows add beauty to your house and are also very cost-effective. Aluminium has a variety of uses due to its unique properties. Furthurmore, it has become a popular choice for homeowners and builders due to its low maintenance and sleek appearance.

Aluminium windows provide the user a lot of facilities to use it in the construction of houses and buildings. As far as the price of aluminium windows is concerned, the price may change with respect to the certain factors which will be describes later. Firstly, we aill discuss about the price of aluminium windows

Aluminium Windows Price in Pakistan

Current Aluminium Windows Price In Pakistan

The prices of Aluminium windows can never be constant. Because they change according to the various reasons and factors which have direct relation with their manufacturing and selling. Besides this, these windows are always bought and sold in square feet. So their price is calculated in square feet. Aluminium rates per square foot in Pakistan are given below. Also, the glass and labor installation charges are included in the rates. Here is a table which perfectly describes the price of aluminium windows.

Companies of Aluminium TypePrice per square foot in PKR
Chawala Aluminium Rs.1450 – 1650
Standard AluminiumRs. 1300 – 1600
GR AluminiumRs. 1200 – 1450
Prime AliminiumRs. 1450 – 1700
Master AluminiumRs. 1350 – 1600

All current aluminium windows above with their brand names are present. When you are purchasing this window, keep in mind that cheaper quality windows may be quality compromised as compared to the window of high cost. Today, aluminium price in Pakistan may be different from one region to another due to differences in the marketplace. Aluminium cost in Pakistan may be different due to the some general reasons like window style, window size, diameter, manufacturer or due to the brands difference also.

Aluminium Manufacturers in Pakistan

A number of authorized aluminium window manufacturers are operating locally and at multinational levels. Following are some important companies in Pakistan producing the quality product for their clients for many years.

  • Chawla Aluminium
  • Standard Aluminium
  • GR Aluminium
  • Prime Aluminium Industries
  • Falcon Aluminium
  • Ittehad Aluminum
  • Pak Altech Aluminium
  • Japan Aluminium
  • International metal Industries
  • Pak Alco Products
  • Lucky Aluminium

Types of Aluminium

There is mostly two types of Aluminium for windows and door materials in Pakistan. Grade A and Grade B. In most of the windows, Grade A type of materials is present. This is a good quality aluminium which is durable, stainless and non bendable.

Grade B is also a good type of aluminium but not more than A type aluminium. It can be durable but in most of the cases it gets rust and affect the durability of frame which is not a good thing.

Aluminium Use, Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Cost effective or cheap in price
  • Light in weight and strong
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Installation is very easy
  • Reduces Noise
  • Easy to clean


  • It is conductive, so heat can pass through it.
  • Aluminium can easily dented off or scractched.
  • Affected by weather or moisture.


In a rapidly growing modern world, aluminium windows have firmly established themselves as the innovative element of the modern design. Their seemless blend of elegance and the shiny look attracts the attention of the people. By considering the benefits of aluminium windows, their price is nothing because the benefits of these type of windows are much more. So, we cam say that they are the most useful construction product of this modern era.

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