Wheat Price In Pakistan & Wheat Rate 2024

Wheat is a very important food that has been a basic part of human diet for a very long time. It is grown in many places in the world and is a major crop that feeds millions of people around the globe. Wheat is the most widely cultivated crop across the Pakistan serving as the staple food for the majority of its population. As an essential commodity, the price of wheat plays a crucial role in determining the cost of living and overall food security in the country. It is the most basic food in Pakistan serving as the primary source of nutrition for millions of people. Its significance lies in providing a major share of the daily caloric intake for the population as well as also being a vital source of income for many farmers across the country.

To understand a better knowledge about the wheat price in Pakistan, this article provides you the latest and updated information about the wheat prices in Pakistan. In this article, you will get information about the latest wheat for 1 kg and 40 kg in different cities of Pakistan. To grab it completely, just have a look on it.

wheat price in pakistan

Wheat Price In Pakistan

Wheat is the top most usable commodity of our country as well as world wide. Therefore, it’s price should be our top concern. The wheat prices in Pakistan are increased to some extent due some reasons which we will describe further. But this increment in the wheat prices in due to various factors which may be internal or external. Before discussion about the factors, let’s have a look on the latest price. As wheat is sold in kilograms so its price in 40 kg in different provinces of Pakistan is provided in table.

Province NameMinimum Rate Maximum Rate

Wheat Rate In Pakistan Different Cities

The prices of wheat in different cities may vary accordingly. It can be due to the supply and demand ratio among different cities. In every city, wheat price is different. So there is difficulty for the farmers. Now Pakistani farmers can be up to date about wheat prices through Pricekar. Following are the rates of 40kg wheat in different cities of Pakistan.

City NameMinimum RateMaximum Rate
Mir Pur KhaasRs.4720Rs.4760
Nawab ShahRs.4600Rs.4700

Wheat Production In Pakistan

It is the most important crop in Pakistan covering the substantial portion of the agricultural land. Its significance lies not only in providing a major share of its daily caloric food to the population but also being a vital source of income for the millions of farmers across the country. In addition to its role in feeding the nation, wheat also contributes significantly to the export sector, generating the revenue and boosting the country’s economy.

Factors Influencing the Price of Wheat

Fluctuations in the Wheat market of Pakistan can be subjected to the unpredictable price changes caused by the various factors. By knowing these factors, we can check the variations in the price of wheat from one place to another. Let’s explore some of the major factors which cause the wheat price fluctuations.

  • Weather conditions and crop yield
  • Global supply and demand
  • Government policies and Interventions
  • Currency exchange rates
  • Storage and Transportation Infrastructure
  • Climate change and agricultural productivity
  • International trade and wheat imports
  • Impact of exchange rates and inflation

Effects of high Wheat prices on Farmers

Crop prices in Pakistan like wheat that remain above or low from its threshold price have adverse affects on the farmers. This impacts their income and profitability. Although, the high wheat prices seems to be advantageous for the farmers at first glance. But, there also present in them with unique challenges and considerations. Farmers who sell a significant quantity of wheat may see their income increase due to the rising wheat prices have to give more funds for investing in their farms. The high wheat prices of wheat may also result in rising the input costs such as fertilizers, pesticides etc. Farmers needs to become pro active when it comes to managing opportunities and challenges.

Future of Wheat in Pakistan

Understanding the future outlook for wheat prices in Pakistan is of great importance in the market. Based on the market trends, the supply and demand predicts the increase or decrease in the price of wheat. The wheat market of Pakistan has both the challenges and opportunities as well. Now, government needs to address the agricultural challenges with the stable policies and advanced farming can increase the productivity of the land.

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