Marble Price in Pakistan

Marble Price in Pakistan varry due to marble cateory and kinds. Marble is famous for its durability, neatness, life and flexibiliy. Many types of marble are available in Pakistan. The low and highest-rate marbles are available in different varieties in the market. Marbles have prices according to the per square foot of every piece. Marbles are mostly used on stairs and in kitchens. Marble holds immense popularity in our country due to its aesthetic appeal and versatility in various applications. Marble flooring gives a stunning look to your room or any place. Marbles are shiny so they give an elegant look to your house. Light color marbles are very popular in Pakistan. They make the houses and buildings more adorable. If you are building a beautiful home, marble flooring will be the most important thing to do. So you should know the price of marble before you purchase it.

Marble Price in Pakistan

Latest Marble Prices In Pakistan

The price of marble is also affected by many factors like all other things. These include manufacturing costs, electricity prices, the price of fuel, and supply and demand. Marble prices vary according to its type and origin. The prices vary all the country in all provinces of Pakistan. In every province, factors like availability, market trends or shortage, and economic conditions of the country actively influence the price of marble. Marble is available in the market with different price tags approximately ranging from Rs.440 to Rs. 150 PKR per square foot in Pakistan. Good quality marble will cost more money and vice versa. Let’s move forward to the rates of different types of marble. Marble has many kinds and every type has a different rate according to its quality and purity. Here we will discuss all those types with their complete price details.

Marble TypeFloor Marble RateStair Marble RateKitchen Marble Rate
Sunny GreyRs.68Rs.160Rs.220
Black and WhiteRs.450Rs.280Rs.450
Sunny WhiteRs.110Rs.300Rs.400
Strawberry RedRs.150Rs.270Rs.450
Silky BlackRs.75Rs.180Rs.300
Botticina FancyRs.170Rs.250Rs.350
Ziarat WhiteRs.350Rs.500Rs.800
Ziarat GreyRs.85Rs.270Rs.350
China VeronaRs.200Rs.400Rs.650
Strawberry PinkRs.120Rs.400Rs.600

Famous Marble Types In Pakistan

Marble type is selected according to its placement on stairs kitchen etc. There are several kinds of marble in Pakistan. Everyone has a unique name according to its properties. Pakistan has a diverse range of marble types. Here are some popular kinds of marble found in our country.

  • Ziarat White
  • Ziarat Grey
  • Tavera
  • Verona
  • Badal Grey
  • Zebra Granite
  • Botticino
  • Flower
  • Sunny Grey
  • Parlino
  • Michael Angelo

The commonly used marble size in Pakistan is 9′ inches in length, 4 inches in width, and 3 inches in height. This is the average standard size of marble found in Pakistan.

Best Marble In Pakistan

Ziarat White marble is the best quality marble available in Pakistan till now. The main reason for its betterment is that this marble does not get heat when heated up and keeps itself cool down. Another reason why it is considered best is that this is a 100 % natural marble. it is purely extracted from the hills of Pakistan. Ziarat white marble has a little bit better quality as compared to others with a little bit of a higher price tag. No doubt, that there are many other expensive marble stones available also but Ziarat white has all the qualities that all other expensive marbles have.

Regional Variations in Marble Price

Marble price in Pakistan varies along different regions across the country due to numerous factors. Factors like proximity to the market, transportation costs, and regional demand contribute to these factors. These variations may occur due to the greater facilitation of products in one place or city. Another major reason for the regional variations is the disruption of the supply and demand ratio of products. For example, the city closer to the marble quarries has lower prices due to the low transportation cost. On the other hand, areas with high demand for specific marble types experience high prices.

Future Trends of Marble in Pakistan

The marble industry in Pakistan will grow further with innovation in the coming years. As the population increases in the future, there will be more buildings, and there will be more demand for high-quality marble. With the advancements in technology and techniques, the production rate of marble will improve. As a result, it also impacts on the marble prices. Moreover, changing designs and involving more consumer preferences may lead to fluctuations in the demand and pricing of marble.

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