Maple Leaf Cement Price in Pakistan Today 2024

Maple Leaf Cement Price is Updated here regularly. Maple leaf cement, an ordinary brand of cement, is an essential component in building any house or apartment. This is the most basic material for constructing various structures including commercial, residential, and household buildings. One of the factors that affect the construction industry is the price of cement. There are several factors that cause variations in the prices of different brands of cement. In this article, we will completely discuss the latest prices of maple leaf cement according to the demand and market value of 2024.

Maple Leaf Cement

Maple Leaf Cement Overview

Maple Leaf cementCement is the most important construction material used worldwide for all construction purposes, especially buildings and houses. In Pakistan, its price is mainly a concern for the local consumers because of its increasing demand day by day. There are many kinds of cement-providing companies in Pakistan. They manufacture it and are named according to their brands. Maple Leaf cement is among the most famous brands of cement in Pakistan. Due to its constant usage for construction purposes, its supply and demand become significantly greater.

Maple Leaf Cement Price in Pakistan

The price of maple leaf cement differs due to the weight of the bags. Small packaging costs are low as compared to larger-sized bags. The bags of cement are mostly in the 50 KG packing. So most of the time, prices are calculated according to the 50 KG of cement. While considering the overall rate of maple leaf cement, factors like product quality, supply, and demand, customer feedback, and brand advertising are taken into account.

Type of Cement BrandPrice per 50 KG
Maple Leaf CementRs.1060 to 1200
Maple Leaf White CementRs.1900 to 2000

Maple Leaf Cement Products

Maple Leaf provides a larger variety of cement products basically to meet the diverse needs of the construction sector. The Maple Leaf company especially ensures high-quality products due to the competition in the market. So there will be no compromise over standards. Some of the popular cement products offered by the maple leaf are:

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Maple Leaf produces OPC which has vast construction applications in the industry including residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. Ordinary Portland cement is especially known for its strength and versatility.

Sulfate-resistant cement (SRC)

This specialized cement is ideal for environments with a high level of sulfate attack such as the coastal areas. SRC from maple leaf ensures strong resistance against the sulphate compounds proving long-term structural integrity.

Low Alkali Cement

Maple Leaf also produces low alkali cement which is suitable for those projects requiring the reduced alkali content. Therefore, this type of cement prevents us from harmful alkali-silica reactions which can compromise the strength and durability of the construction materials.

Famous Cement Suppliers in Pakistan

There are many different government and private cement-providing companies in Pakistan. Some of these are:

  • Askari Cement Limited
  • Attock Cement Limited
  • Bestway Cement Limited
  • Cherat Cement Company
  • DG Khan Cement Company Limited
  • Fauji CCement Company Limited
  • Flying Cement Company
  • Kohat Cement Company
  • Lucky Cement Factory Limited
  • Maple Leaf Cement Factory
  • Pioneer Cement Company
  • Power Cements Limited


The cost of cement in Pakistan is subject to a variety of factors such as production expense, market supply and demand, seasonal fluctuations in the cement supply to small investors, and government regulations and taxation systems. The cost of everything is high due to inflation and over-population in Pakistan. So we are hoping to decrease the prices of cement in the coming time.

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