DG Cement Rate Today 2024

DG Cement Rate Today is provided here and we update the price regularly. The price of cement is always a major concern for those who are connected with the construction activities. Cement is the most important ingredient among all the materials for building any house. We cannot make a single wall without the cement. Therefore, Pakistan as a developing country, is undergoing a major part of the import and export of cement. There are several cement-providing companies in Pakistan. Some of them are always on the top list of the market. Among these, DG cement is the top reputed brand of cement. The price of cement is always going to fluctuate in Pakistan due to the adverse economic conditions of our country. But still, we will take a brief overview of the prices of DG cement in this article.

DG Cement

DG Cement Rate Today

The latest updated price of DG cement according to March 2024 in Pakistan is given here. Besides all this, there may be some fluctuations in this price from one city to another. The supply and demand of the market can have a huge impact on the cement price.

Name of the CementPrice PER 50 KG in PKR
DG CementRs. 1255-1265

List of Cement Companies in Pakistan

There are many different government and private cement-providing companies in Pakistan. Some of these are:

  • Askari Cement Limited
  • Attock Cement Limited
  • Bestway Cement Limited
  • Cherat Cement Company
  • DG Khan Cement Company Limited
  • Fauji CCement Company Limited
  • Flying Cement Company
  • Kohat Cement Company
  • Lucky Cement Factory Limited
  • Maple Leaf Cement Factory
  • Pioneer Cement Company
  • Power Cements Limited

Factors Influencing Cement Rates in Pakistan

Expense of Raw Material

The cost of sourcing raw materials including limestone, clay, and gypsum significantly increases the production cost. So in return increasing the final cost of the product.

Brand and Quality

Different types of brands and companies are available in the market with varying standards of cement, leading to price fluctuations in the local as well as the international market.

Transport Expenses

The cost of the transportation of cement from the manufacturing plants to the local distributors and the retailers or consumers affects the final cost of the cement. Therefore, fuel prices and transportation expenses play the greatest role in disturbing the overall prices.

Demand and Supply of the Market

Disturbance in the supply and demand of the market conditions leads to price disparities, particularly in the peak construction seasons.

Economic Factors of the Country

Inflation rates and general economic disturbances in the country cause currency fluctuations and as a result, the prices in the international market are disturbed. This affects the overall cost of the cement production.

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