MF 375 Price in Pakistan Today 2024 2WD 4WD Specifications

MF 375 Price in Pakistan is Rs. 3,345,000 for 2WD and Price of 4WD is Rs. 4,500,000. Massey Ferguson tractors are the most reputable tractor brand in Pakistan. Pakistan is surely an agricultural country whose most of the economy depends on the agricultural field. Tractors play a key role in the field of agriculture. Farmers use various types of tractors from different companies to cultivate their crops. Among all those types, Massey Ferguson tractors are always the best option for farmers. It occupies a significant position in the agriculture sector of Pakistan. Mf 375 is the third most-selling brand of tractors in Pakistan. It is a 75-horsepower tractor that is mostly used to cultivate sugarcane crops. Farmers find it a better opportunity due to its advanced specifications and features. In this article, you will get the latest information about the updated price of the Mf 375 tractor.

MF 375

MF 375 Price in Pakistan

Mf 375 tractors have emerged as the top priority for farmers in need of efficient machinery. Likewise, these tractors are the top priority for the use of tractor trolleys and for haulage purposes. No doubt, they have become a good partner of farmers due to their immensely great features and versatility. A plus point is that the MF 375 tractor has a handsome price also making it the most suitable for small-scale farmers and large-scale projects. One detailed column for the prices of Mf 375 tractors is given below.

Massey Ferguson ModelHorse-powerOld Price New Price
MF 375 2-WD75 HPRs. 3,102,000Rs. 3,345,000
MF 375 4-WD75 HP Rs. 4,165,000Rs. 4,500,000

Features of MF 375

Massey Ferguson Tractors exhibit an impressive list of the latest technology features that contribute to their good performance and user satisfaction. Due to their better characteristics, the demand for Mf 375 tractors in Pakistan is greater in the agricultural sector. This is a sign of their extensive use at the low-scale farmer as well. Here are some key features of Mf 375 tractors.

Engine Power

With a powerful 75 HP engine, the 375 tractor ensures the best performance and efficiency in various farming tasks.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system of 375 tractors enables efficient shifting and lowering of heavy loads making it suitable for some heavy agricultural tasks also. These tractors weigh around 2,295 kg which provides stability and balance during operation.

Fuel Efficiency

The Mf 375 tractors are economically useful and known for their fuel efficiency and allowing farmers to maximize productivity while minimizing operational costs. With a fuel capacity of 108.5 liters, the 375 tractor ensures long working hours without frequent refilling.

MF 375 Overview

The MF 375 tractor exhibits remarkable performance and capabilities across various agricultural tasks. Furthermore, its versatility enables it to adapt to different crop types. Al-Ghazi 640 and Bull Power 577 are the major competitors of MF 375 tractors in Pakistan. Due to their robust characteristics, unique features, and better efficiency, these tractors are usually a better option for agricultural tasks. While comparing these characters with other companies, consider factors like engine power, transmission, fuel efficiency, versatility, and pricing as well. Also, take a look at the user reviews about these tractors before buying them because it is very important. The experience shared by the other farmers who have used these tractors provides you with valuable insights and helps you to make an informed decision.

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