MF 260 Price in Pakistan

MF 260 Price in Pakistan for simple edition is Rs.2,690,000 and price of special edition is Rs.3,795,000 .Massey Ferguson 260 is the model of Millat tractors in Pakistan. It is among Pakistan’s most popular and favorite tractors for farming and pulling heavy construction materials. Massey Ferguson 260 is the iconic name in the tractor industry. One more thing worth mentioning is that MF 260 stands out as an exceptional model due to its features and specifications supporting various agricultural applications. This Millat tract model specifically meets all the Pakistani farmers’ diverse requirements. Therefore, it is suitable for the cultivation of all types of crops, particularly the sugar cane areas. In this article, we all provide you with the best and the latest information about the price of MF 260 tractors in Pakistan.

MF 260 Price in Pakistan

Massey 260 Price in Pakistan 2024

Millat Tractors Limited is the market leader in tractor companies in Pakistan. MF 260 is the 60-horsepower model of this company. Currently, there are two further variants of this model present in Pakistan. One is 2 wheel drive tractor and the other is 4 wheel drive tractor. Both these variants are different in their wheel drive but deliver almost the same power which is 60 HP. But the 4 WD tractor has an edge of some greater strength over the 2 WD model in the extremely muddy areas. Another competitor of this model in the market is the New Holland Al Ghazi tractor which is 65 HP.

MF 260 Price in Pakistan

Pakistan’s agricultural terrain relies on the MF tractors of all models and Massey Ferguson 260 is one of them. The prices of all the models undergo fluctuations due to various factors affecting company brand, quality and strength, horse-power, government taxes, foreign policies, and disturbance in the exchange rate of the Dollar. You can see the latest prices of the Massey Ferguson 260 tractor in Pakistan in the following table.

MF 260 TractorPrice in PKR
MF 260 2WDRs.2,690,000
MF 260 special editionRs.3,795,000

MF 260 Tractor Special Features

Massey Ferguson 260 tractor proves to be the ideal solution for agricultural demands for the farmers. Its combined characteristics include a strong engine, reliable gearbox, Fuel efficiency, robust hydraulic system, and many more. Here are some major features of the MF 260 tractor.

  • MF 260 exhibits a renowned turbocharged engine of 60 HP
  • Reliable gearbox and durability for smooth operations
  • Longevity and endurance under harsh farming circumstances
  • Versatility in challenging agricultural operations
  • Less smoke emission due to batter fuel burning
  • High PTO power for efficient operation of tube wells
  • Efficient oil-immersed multi-disc brakes
  • Spring suspension Dulex seat
  • Popular in the Haulage and tractor-trolley segment

MF 260 Tractor Specifications

To buy any machinery item, it is advisable to note the specifications of that item. So we will take a look at all the specifications of the MF 260 tractor to give you all the information about this model.

Parts of MF 260 TractorValues
Engine power at 2250 rpm60 HP
Dual Clutch Diamteter305 x 254 mm
Compression Ratio16.5:1
Number of cylinders3
Bore 91.5 mm
Coolin produced bywater
Fuel FilterThermostat
Air Cleaner typeOil bath
Stroke 127 mm
Oil CoolerAir-cooled, Fin Type
Engine speed at 540 PTO rpm1,789 rpm
Number of Splines6
Shaft Diameter35 mm
Alternator 32 Amp
Voltage 12 V negative earth
Battery118 Ah
Starter Motor2.2 KW
Fuel Tank Capacity47.5 L

Price Range of Used MF 260 Tractor

While buying an MF 260 tractor, you have two choices. Either to buy a new model of MF 260 or to buy a used one. The new tractor model ensures a warranty of one or more years against any technical issue in that period. But the used one does not have any warranty and there may be some technical issue with it. No doubt, the used model is cost-effective and more affordable but its quality may be not better than a new one. The used model of the MF 260 tractors can cost an average of between 1 Million to 1.5 Million PKR in Pakistan. But one important thing before buying a used model is to take care to ensure that it is in working condition.


Massey Ferguson 260 tractor is widely used in Pakistan and it is always in huge demand throughout the year. One of the main reasons for its huge demand in the whole country is its budgeted price and small size as compared to the other models of different companies. Even if you cannot afford its new price, you can purchase a second-hand model easily. MF 260 tractor is quickly becoming the farmer’s most loved machine. This model of Millat tractors is specifically designed to perform different farming tasks quickly and efficiently.

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