Solar Panel Price in Pakistan 2024

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan is different for each solar Panel because Solar Panels are of different grades and companies. The solar panel is a device that absorbs sunlight and converts it into electricity. It is a very cheap way to produce electricity. There are many sources to produce electricity like hydropower plants, geothermal, and biomass. All these sources of producing electricity require some sort of input expenses to generate energy. Among all of them, Solar panels are far better. Solar panels have proved to be the best and cheapest tool for this purpose. Sunlight is available in Pakistan during the whole year. So, we can surely resolve our energy problems with solar panels. Here are some important facts described about the prices of Solar panels in Pakistan.

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

Solar Panel Price in Pakistan
Names of Different Solar PanelsPrice in PKR in Pakistan
Login 550W single glass Graded solar panel33,000/- Rupees
Jinko 550W Single glass A Graded solar panel32,450/- Rupees
Canadian Topcon 575W solar panel36,800/- Rupees
Jinko 550W B Grade solar panel27,000/- Rupees
Logni 550W B Grade solar panel27,000/- Rupees
Canadian single A Grade solar panel32,255/- Rupees
ZN Shine 545W A grade solar panel33,790/- Rupees

Solar panels have different prices according to the quality and number of solar cells. They are also known as Solar Plates. Meanwhile, the details of prices of the most widely used solar panels are named as:

Types of Solar Panels in Pakistan

Solar Panels are available in various types in Pakistan. There are different types of Solar panels that are chiefly used in Pakistan. Here is a brief description of some important solar panels.

Mono-Crystalline Solar Panels

Monocrystalline solar panels have silicon chips as is evident from their name. Eventually, it is clear that Small electronic equipment have usually monocrystalline solar panels.

Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels

These solar panels have multiple silicon chips. But they are less expensive and easy to manufacture.

Thin Film Solar Panels

Thin Film solar panels have more efficiency than others. Photo voltaic cells are present in them. They are mostly light in weight and easy to carry and install anywhere.

Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell (PERC) Solar Panels

PERC has an additional layer of passivation which reduces the loss of power. Whereas they have less temperature coefficient of resistance.

Bifacial Solar Panels

A Bifacial solar panel is like a photo voltaic cell. The installation of bifacial solar panels is time-consuming and requires more effort. They produce energy when one of their surfaces is exposed to light.    

Solar Panel Companies In Pakistan

There are different government and private solar panel companies in Pakistan. They produce solar products like solar plates, solar inverters solar batteries, etc. Here is the list of those companies.

  • Ultra Solar Company
  • Mehran Solar Company
  • Sun Life Solar Company (Pvt) Ltd
  • Alpha Solar Company
  • Safeway Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd
  • Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd
  • Sky Electric Limited
  • Pantera Energy Limited
  • Shams Power Company

Rate one Solar Panel in Pakistan

The price of one solar plate is not fixed. It may vary according to the quality, size, type, and model of the solar plate. Solar Panels are available in different forms. Some can be of the power 150W,250W. Their power may exceed up to 3Kw 5Kw also. Small-sized solar plates are cheap and easily affordable. On the other hand, large and high-power solar panels are expensive.

Price of 150W Solar panel in Pakistan

The price of a general single glass A-graded 150w solar panel in Pakistan is 19,000/- PKR in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the solar panel which is 250w has a price equal to 21,000/- PKR. High-quality solar panels like 3kw or 5kw have huge prices about 3 to 7 lacs.

Factors Affecting the Price of Solar Plates

Size and Number

Solar panels are available in different sizes and shapes which create variation in their prices. Small solar plates are cheap because they have fewer solar cells in them. When a large number of solar plates are assembled, then their price is increased.

Type and Model

Companies make solar panels of different models and advanced features. However, the latest and newly made solar panels have more advanced and useful features. The reason is that good and better quality type of solar panel generates more sunlight into usable electricity.

Grade and Quality

Solar Panels can be of different grade types like Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, etc. Grade A solar panels are more expensive however they do not affect the output power. In the case of Grade C solar panels, the power of electricity is much affected. So they have the cheapest price as compared to the other two.

Installation of Solar Panels

The price rate mainly depends on the size of your solar panels. The price rate will be lower for small installations. Whereas it will be high for larger projects. For huge projects of the solar system, the price rate will be higher. Also, we can adjust their size according to our budget and requirements. Approximately, 17 solar plates are required to run a small house whose power will be 400 watts. It is also assumed that the number of solar panels may vary between 13 to 19 according to the size of the house.

Mostly used Solar Panels In Pakistan

There are several solar panels in Pakistan that people use during the daytime. The topmost are Longi solar panel, Canadian solar panel, Sun Tech solar panel, Jinko solar panel, Panasonic solar panel, and Trina solar panel. Among all of them, the most widely used are named the Longi solar panels. They are common for household use certainly and are most widely used in Pakistan. It is available in Pakistan in two forms e.g.mono facial and bifacial. So one can select any of the two forms according to the requirements.

Environmental Effects of Solar Panels 

The Environmental effects of solar panels are very positive. They are certainly clean and useful sources of energy. Meanwhile, the disadvantages of solar panels are approximately equal to none. Solar panels are affordable to every person. Indeed they reduce the cost of electricity also. Solar panels save you a lot of money by going to solar. The solar system does not cause any pollution as it is eco-friendly. Solar panels have the following benefits for us: The solar system does not cause any pollution as it is eco-friendly.

  • It is an alternative source of electricity so it prevents load shedding.
  • It is surely reliable and generates free energy in far-off areas like villages.
  • It uses simple sunlight to generate energy since it requires less maintenance.
  • Usage of Solar products also reduces our cost of electricity.                                                                            

We conclude that Solar panels are the best means of gaining cost-free energy. However, the prices of solar panels are risen over the last two decades. This is due to the load shedding in Pakistan. Therefore, Solar panels have a bright future in Pakistan.


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