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Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan depend on several factors such as the quality of the Inverter. A solar inverter is a solar device that uses the direct current generated by solar panels through sunlight. It converts direct current into the alternating current. Our electrical devices then use this alternating current. Sunlight is available only during the daytime. So it is not possible to use this sunlight during the night. To use our electronics during the night, we use solar inverters. Nowadays, people are moving towards solar products due to the increase in the prices of electricity. They prefer to use solar products rather than electronics. Therefore, solar inverters have a more demand in the market. In this article, we provide a comprehensive overview of the prices of solar inverters in Pakistan.

Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Various types of solar inverters are in trend during these days in the market. the details of some solar inverters are:

Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan
Names of Solar InvertersPrice in PKR In Pakistan
Inverex Veyon 2.5kw Solar inverter95,000/- PKR
Fronius Xeon Hybrid Solar Inverter85,000/- PKR
Inverex Aerox 3.2kw Solar Inverter1,10,000/- PKR
Xeon Hybrid Solar Inverter55,000/- PKR
Growatt 10kw Solar Inverter2,95,000/- PKR
Sungrow 10kw Solar Inverter4,10,000/- PKR
Sofar 5.5KTL Solar Inverter2,42,000 /- PKR
Solax Solar Inverter2,12,000 /- PKR
Inverex Nitrox Solar Inverter4,55,000 /- PKR

Types of Solar Inverters

Obviously, Solar inverters have four main types. Let’s start with a brief description of each type of solar inverter.

String Solar Inverters

As the name suggests a string solar inverter allows the string of solar panels. There are many solar panels arranged in an array in a string inverter. Furthermore, this type of inverter collects direct current from solar panels and converts it into an alternating current. One disadvantage of this inverter is that if any of the solar panels is affected, then all the solar inverter functioning will be disturbed.

Micro Solar Inverters

Micro inverters are another type of solar inverter that is connected with each solar plate individually. In contrast to string inverters, there is no series of solar panels to whom which the micro inverters are connected. Micro inverters are also more expensive. They give better quality performance despite the string inverters.

Hybrid Inverters

These inverters are the best option to obtain high efficiency. Moreover, they have proved as excellent solar inverters to save surplus energy. They can store enough energy. This is the most important thing about hybrid inverters. You can store energy using sunlight during the daytime. At night, that stored energy is used for running your household appliances. You might find hybrid inverters a little bit expensive in contrast to others. But it can be adjustable because their benefits are greater.

Grid Tie Inverters

Such inverters provide you with the best option to reduce the cost of your electricity. Apart from this, they are also economically beneficial. In addition, they are eco-friendly and suitable for power grids. They are excessively used on commercial-scale projects.

Solar inverter Companies in Pakistan

Due to the increase in demand for solar products, there are several government and private companies of solar products in Pakistan. Some major ones are the following which are more famous in Pakistan:

  • Mehran Solar Company
  • Alpha Solar
  • Pantera Energy Limited
  • Sky Electric Limited
  • Zi Solar Company
  • Pakistan Solar Services
  • Sun Life Solar Company
  • Shams Power Company
  • Safeway Renewable Energy
  • Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd.

Top Ten Solar Inverters In Pakistan

The famous solar inverters which are mostly used in Pakistan are given below in the list:

  • Huawei SUN2000
  • Sungrow SH5K
  • Growatt 5000TL
  • SMA sunny boy
  • Goodwe GW5000
  • Fronius Primo inverter
  • Sofar Inverter
  • Solix 3.0 solar inverter
  • Solax X1 Air series inverter
  • Knox solar KDS 5k inverter

Price of One Solar Inverter In Pakistan

The price of one solar converter depends on various factors such as power, capacity, warranty, brands, efficiency, and features. Low-power solar inverters are priced less as compared to the MPPT solar inverters. In addition, a general solar inverter in Pakistan ranging from 1-5 kilowatts is priced between 25,000 PKR to 1,50,000 PKR. But the price of inverters whose power ranges from about 10KW to multiple megawatts is 1,50,000 PKR  to 9,15,000 PKR.

Different Solar Inverter Companies and their Prices

Inverex Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Inverex solar inverter is the better quality inverter. Moreover, it has different prices according to its power and specifications. The simplest Inverex solar inverter costs about 6,000/- PKR in Pakistan. No doubt, this is the minimum price of the simplest inverter solar inverter. On the other hand, the maximum price of solar inverter is 9,15,000 /- PKR in Pakistan. This is the Nitrox 12kw and 48V three-phase hybrid Inverex solar inverter. Hence, we can say that the estimated average price is about 3,80,000 /- PKR.

Hybrid Solar Inverters in Paksiatn

An equipment that consists of a solar inverter and a battery combined into a single unit is called a hybrid solar inverter. Besides this, there are different kinds of hybrid inverters available in Pakistan. Their names are Voltronic power hybrid inverter, MKS hybrid inverter, Infini plus 3kw hybrid inverter, 3 phase hybrid inverters, and MPPT hybrid inverts, etc.                                                                                              

Tesla Hybrid Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

The Tesla hybrid solar inverters are costly to some extent. It has two strings and funnels. Every string takes the direct current produced by the solar panels. Funnels take the electricity that is being usable by the electronic device. Furthermore, the price of a Tesla Infini 3kw and 24V hybrid solar inverter is 1,90,000 /- PKR. This is the simplest one of this type. But, the most advanced and latest model of Tesla Infini 30kw and 384V costs about 15,00,000 /- PKR.

Selecting the Right Solar Inverter

Follow the given rules to choose the correct solar inverter for the best performance.

  • Choose the solar inverter of the appropriate power. For the commercial level, use the better and high-power solar inverters of multiple megawatts.
  • Moreover, briefly overviews different brands and companies for selecting a good and reliable product.
  • Please ensure the warranty of the solar inverter before buying.
  • Consult with solar energy experts and professionals. They will guide you properly.

Future Use of Solar Inverter Technology

The trend of Solar energy is continuously increasing in Pakistan. Because this technology has given better outcomes to mankind. Solar technology has greater benefits in contrast to its disadvantages. Along with this, It reduces pollution and gives a healthy environment to live in. The solar inverters will surely be used in the future. We expect more advancements in them for the benefit of humans.


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