Fiat 480 Price in Pakistan

Fiat 480 price in pakistan is Rs.2,194,000. This tractor is used for light tasks such as plough in fields and to run trasher for wheat. Fiat Trattori was a Fiat is a Fiat group company founded in 1919 and it is a major constructor of agricultural equipment, particularly tractors. The Fiat 480 tractor is one of the models of this company. It is a 2-wheel drive tractor with an engine of 50 horsepower. Moreover, this model of the Fiat brand is well-known for its efficiency in fuel use and low maintenance cost. The Fiat 480 tractor is designed to tackle a variety of jobs such as farming including plowing and harvesting. This article is a full-fledged package of the pricing details and the specifications of the Fiat 480 tractor. You will get all the latest information about the features of this model and the latest updated price of the 2024.

fiat 480 price in pakistan

Updated Price of Fiat 480 Tractor in Pakistan

Although certain elements affect the cost of the Fiat 480 tractor price in Pakistan due to which its price continues to fluctuate at certain times. But still, its brand new model has a specific price. Let us take a look at the actual cost of the Fiat 480 tractor price. The cost of the Fiat 480 tractor ranges between 1 Million to 2 Million PKR based on the above factors.

Variants in the Fiat ModelOld Prices in PKR Variants in the Fiat Model
Fiat 480Rs.1,898,000Rs.2,194,000
Fiat 480SRs.2,024,000Rs.2,278,000
Fat 480 specialRs.2,200,000N/A
Fiat 480 Power SteeringRs.2,400,000N/A

Price Dynamics of Fiat 480 Tractor

The price of the Fiat 480 tractor is influenced by several factors. Some of the major factors that have a huge impact on the pricing of this model are:

Geographical Location

The price of a Fiat 480 tractor may vary according to the region in Pakistan and the country from where you want to purchase it. This costs usually more expense due to the transport expense.

Dealer Dynamics

The dealer from which you want to purchase the tractor may impact the cost of the tractor. Some dealers offer more promotions and discounts which can reduce the cost of the tractor.

Condition Assessment

The state of the tractor could influence the rate of the tractor. A brand-new tractor is surely much more expensive than a second-hand model. But an old one needs more maintenance for smooth usage.

Supply and Demand

There is always a huge impact of the supply and demand of anything in the market. If the demand for the Fiat 480 tractor is high in the market, the price conversely goes high due to the limited supply in the market.

Benefits of New Holland Fiat 480 Tractor

The Fiat 480 tractor exhibits several advantages that make it a preferred choice for farmers in Pakistan. Likewise, it has various options like power steering, disc brakes with oil-immersed technology, and adjustable rear wheels. It is also possible to attach a corn planter with a Fiat 480 tractor but the compatibility of a corn planter machine depends on several factors. Some of the benefits include:

  • The Fiat 480 tractor is best for its fuel efficiency.
  • The 480 fiat model is designed simply to reduce the maintenance cost.
  • 48 horsepower engine is enough to perform tasks.
  • It is useful for plowing, tilling, and harvesting making it versatile for farming needs.
  • It is economically useful due to its low cost.

Detailed specifications Overview

The features and specifications of Fiat 480 tractors are incredibly useful as well as cost-effective. Some of the main characteristics of this model are:

Specifications of Fiat 480 TractorValues
Engine Type4 cylinder diesel engine
4-cylinder diesel engine48 Horse-power at 2250 Rpm
Engine Displacement2.9 Liters
Torque produced168 Nm at 1400 Rpm
Air Cleaner Dry Type
Transmission Type8 Forward and Two Reverse Gears
Clutch TypeDry-type, single plate
Hydraulics typePosition and Draft control
Pump Flow Rate16 Liters/ Minute
Maximum Lifting Capacity1600 KG
Steering TypePower Steering
Turning Radius3.4 Meters
Brake TypesOil-immersed disc brakes
Parking Brake TypeHand Operated
Front Tire Size6.00 x 16
Rear Tire Size14.9 x 28
Length3.4 meters
Width1.85 meters
Heigth2.3 meters
Wheelbase2.1 meters
Weight2220 KG
Fuel tank capacity70 Liters
Differential LockMechanical
PTO typeIndependent, 540 Rpm

Conclusion about the Fiat 480 Tractor

The Fiat 480 tractors offer cost-effective, user-friendly control and reliability making them a favorite model of tractors for farmers. The prices of such models are also reasonable and a huge benefit is that these models require less maintenance. We can also buy used tractors which are second-hand models of Fiat 480. They are second-hand models which are easily available for the farmers. Therefore, farmers show a huge interest in such types of tractors.

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