Diesel Price In Pakistan Today Updated 2024

Diesel Price in Pakistan is different for High-Speed Diesel and Light Speed Diesel. Diesel is one of the major fuels used in Pakistan as well as all over the world. In Pakistan trucks, trains, boats, and barges use high-speed diesel to help transport materials and goods from one place to another. Heavy vehicles and automobiles use diesel fuel. School Buses and Transport Buses also use high-speed diesel. Diesel fuel empowers most of the construction equipment in heavy industries and factories. So, we can say that diesel is a major fuel used parallel with petrol in Pakistan. The price of diesel and its complete details are provided in this article.

Diesel Price In Pakistan Today

Diesel Price In Pakistan
Category of Diesel OilPrice per liter in March 2024
High-Speed Diesel (HSD)278.96 /Ltr
Light Diesel Oil (LDO)166.86 /Ltr

Diesel is available in Pakistan in two forms. One is High-Speed Deisel (HSD) and the Other is Light Diesel Oil (LDO). Most heavy vehicles like trucks and transport buses use high-speed diesel for their use. High-speed diesel provides good efficiency and it is better than Light-diesel oil. According to the new update by the Pakistani Government in Fuel prices, the prices of diesel are:

Diesel Fuel Prices In Pakistan

The Prices of fuels such as petroleum, diesel, kerosine oil, and gasoline have recently increased in Pakistan. Pakistan is a developing country and does not produce such fuels independently. So Pakistan imports them from foreign countries. The Huge Taxes imposed by the Pakistani government increase the price of Diesel also. According to the mini-budget announced on the 1st of February, The PDM government has increased the sales tax from 17 to 18. In addition, due to the agreements of previous governments with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the people of Pakistan have to pay huge prices for such fuels. The price of the Dollar is also a major factor in this case. Therefore. due to the rapid devaluation of the Pakistani rupee against other currencies, the price of all the imported goods increased accordingly.

Diesel Rate In Pakistan Today

The prices of fuel products are not so much comfortable for Pakistani People. The reason is that the increased tax rate by the government results in the increase of petroleum prices after every fortnight. Moreover, the continuous increase in the price of the Dollar and devaluation of the Pakistani rupee has destroyed our economy a lot. Pakistani Rupee value is recently at a record low. The finance minister has said that these large prices of fuels in Pakistan are only due to the increase in the dollar rate in the International Market.

Diesel-Providing Companies in Pakistan

There are several government and private Companies in Pakistan which provide diesel fuel to the people. But one thing to keep in mind is that no one of them is producing diesel fuel. All of them only refine diesel fuel and make it useable for automobiles. So The names of some of the famous and reputable companies are given here.

  • Pakistan State Oil (PSO)
  • Total Parco Company
  • Attock Petroleum Limited
  • Star Petroleum Diesel Supplier
  • Al Rahim Company Pvt. Ltd

Why Diesel is Necessary Fuel for Pakistan

Now we will discuss the importance of diesel fuel for Pakistan. As most of the heavy materials and goods are to be transported across the country. Heavy Vehicles including Trains and Boats do this Job. Ships also use diesel oil and they are a good source of transportation. Trains carry tons of goods at a time from one place to another at a very fast speed. As they also use diesel in their engines. The industries make their products and then transport them all over the country. Most of the heavy machines used to run industries use diesel oil as well. In short, we can say that the economy of a country directly depends on the transport system.

The Future Economic Crises

The economy of any country directly depends on its transport system. And the transport is running only by good and better fuels. In Pakistan good and better fuels are available. But unfortunately, their prices are so high that most of the people could not afford them. Therefore they had to face difficulty in their business. It is a good suggestion for the government to make new suitable prices for diesel and petroleum. Otherwise, if it is not done, we will have to face severe effects on our economy. Because the cost of fuel is directly related with the all the transport system of our country.

The government should reduce the taxes on diesel and petroleum products. They should take such steps to reduce the rate of the dollar and increase the value of the Pakistani Rupee in the international market. They have to make such agreements with the IMF which ensures the welfare of the people of Pakistan. As we facilitate the Pakistani people related to fuel prices, the transport system of our country would become good as a result. And the economy of our country becomes better.


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